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Enter the Dragon

The dragon, in this instance, is my dog, Pikey, and he just entered the room, looking all forlorn and dragon-like (and by dragon I mean yard dragon, which is shorthand for Falkor, the Luck Dragon, from The NeverEnding Story). He's forlorn because he didn't get a walk today, and it's 3:41 pm. He didn't get a walk today because of a long-awaited doctor's appointment, which we almost missed because someone rear ended our car on the way. We weren't hurt, I don't think (I am a little sore), and the car wasn't badly hurt. But then there was the appointment itself, during which the doctor asked, "Well, why are you here? You're in the wrong place." Um, because the GP referred us? In the end, he helped, this wrong doctor. He told us a few things it wasn't. I'm being vague here because, well, I'm starting up my blog again, and I haven't asked my lovely husband if it's okay to use his name or his story. Which, needless to say, has become my story. It's been a long and trying summer—and not just because of the oppressive coastal Georgia swamp heat. 

Did I mention that I got married while wading through this muck of mystery illness and unhelpful doctors? I did, and to one of the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most badass humans I've ever known. 

I'm starting up my blog again for a few reasons. One, last time I was blogging, I was in the midst of a nervous breakdown. As I recovered, I became embarrassed, at some point, by my public outcries and buried all the posts somewhere under password protection. Maybe going underground wasn't the right answer. I lost a little poetry along the way. I lost connection to my writer-self. I don't know quite how to find her; I'm hoping a regular blog schedule will help. 

Which brings me to reason number two for blogging again. I don't want to lose my connection to other writers and readers! The spirit of community--well, it's a real salve, even in the imaginary rooms of the internet. And speaking of salves, I've re-ignited my herbal studies. Honestly, it started mostly out of a panicked need to "fix" what's wrong, but it's grown again into a full-blown joy of learning about plant medicine. 

There are a few subjects and experiences, too, that I think a lot about and want to share, as an artist in the world. Empathy is a big one. Lessons about empathy that I've learned from people and in places I wasn't expecting--sometimes from not-so-good experiences with people. Also the nature of empathy, and why I'm not so sure it's always good, particularly for a self who feels things bodily and responds in kind. 

Also my temper and how it relates to being silenced! I'll be writing about that.

Also my publishing company! Well, mine and my great biz partner's. But I won't mix too much business and pleasure. 

I'll continue to post when I have readings or publications happening, too. The new issue of Copper Nickel has a poem of mine in it, and three poems are upcoming in The Carolina Quarterly. A big ole smattering of poems will be out this fall in the anthology Dismantled Almosts. Gratitude, always, to the editors for including me.