A good editor is... 

an idea incubator, vision shaper, word magician, grammar geek


I love to edit. From copyediting to line editing, developmental editing to manuscript evaluation, finding the greatest potential for a piece of writing fires me up. I have a certificate in copyediting from UC San Diego, 20 years’ experience helping people hone ideas and words, and a wide-ranging list of clients—because I’m interested in a world of ideas and take on projects that excite me. My favorite projects are ones that require creative vision: I’ve helped the CEO of a national lingerie line to hone her company’s core values, shaped a software startup’s business plan, helped a crime writer re-imagine parts of his thriller, and edited literary magazines. I've even ghostwritten a book or two, which is it's own kind of creative project, marrying my writing and editing abilities with another person’s vision. Finally, I get to work with my own company’s authors & illustrators every day to birth indelible pictures books.

A few nice words from clients:

“Alexis did a fantastic job! She understood exactly what I was looking for and executed it beautifully. Easy to work with and very professional! I couldn't be happier.”—CEO

“I have been a professional writer since before the invention of the typewriter, had lots editors, few matched Alexis’s keen key eye for grammar, feel for language, and communication skills. For the last ten years I’ve depended on her to edit and revise just about everything I’ve written. She is a wonderful writer in her own right, and brings the critical skills and passion for writing that you expect of a true editor.” —Ad guy, poet

“Alexis is a wonderful editor: smart, engaged, constructive, and always straightforward in addressing issues in a draft. She took on the role of being the gatekeeper in the final push of my novel. I couldn't have asked for a better partner. She is detailed, careful, and took on my project as her own. Anybody who gets on a revision call in the middle of a hurricane evacuation is an editor who simply won't be blown off the course.”—Novelist

“I have been lucky enough to hire Ms. Orgera a number of times on a variety of different projects. She is miraculously both quick and thorough, combining the ruthless pragmatism of an editor with the creativity and sensitivity of a truly gifted writer. She is exacting in her precision without ever losing track of the big picture. Honestly, I don’t think she can be beat.” —Scholar, university program coordinator