Rates & Services


Nonfiction: memoir, travel, health-and-wellbeing, spirituality and mindfulness, self-help, personal essays, feature stories, and poetry

Fiction: literary novels, mystery/crime, young adult / middle grade

Business writing: web content, marketing materials, email campaigns, articles and case studies, and more

Basic rates:

Business editing: $45/hour (two-hour minimum)

Developmental editing: $50/hour

Manuscript evaluation: $50/hour

Copyediting: $4-$7 per page

Proofreading: $3.50 per page

Explanation of rates & services:

Book Manuscript Editing (one standard manuscript page is double-spaced, standard font, one-inch margins, and 250 words):

Developmental edit: Usually happens in the early draft, outline, or even notes phase of a manuscript. A developmental edit helps develop a book idea and focuses on higher-level concerns like theme, structure, style, coherence, voice, and tone. In fiction, this would include character development and plot. Basically, I’m looking at what’s working, what isn’t, what will work, what won’t—and why—and I’m helping you grow your manuscript into a cohesive whole. Developmental editing usually takes the form of Word’s Track Changes function coupled with a detailed written evaluation and a follow-up phone call. But it might also look like a few brainstorming sessions via Skype or over coffee and some homework assignments! Rates are determined by my hourly fee and a time estimate based on your individual needs.

Manuscript evaluation: Similar to a developmental edit in that I’m looking at higher order concerns, but I write a detailed evaluation report versus using Track Changes on the document. A manuscript evaluation occurs once you’ve finished writing a book, have gone through your own stages of revision, and feel that the book is complete. An evaluation can be combined with a copyedit as a two-stage process, with prices combined accordingly.

Copyedit: A copyedit checks for consistency and accuracy in a text. My three levels of manuscript editing are simple: light, medium, or heavy. I’ll read a sample of your manuscript and discuss your needs with you to determine the best fit. These services range from $4-$7 per page, depending on the level of edit.

A light copyedit deals with mechanics: grammar, spelling, word choice, sentence construction, typos, minor fact checking, and some language streamlining.

A medium copyedit does the above plus some deeper sentence and paragraph work such as editing for paragraph structure and placement, rewording confusing passages, sentence-level mechanics, streamlining for wordiness or unnecessary language, etc. In fiction (and memoir) I will flag questions and inconsistencies regarding plot, character, and timeline.

A heavy copyedit (also known as a substantive edit, a line edit, or a content edit) is more closely related to a manuscript evaluation. I will look deeply at structure and content, perform some rewriting and structural critique, address inaccuracies, flag issues with tone, style, and flow, and suggest solutions. This level of copyediting may include substantial changes. In fiction, a heavy copyedit would include plot evaluation and notes on character development.

For all levels of copyediting, I keep a style sheet as I go that outlines all of the conventions of your particular manuscript: terms you use throughout, particular spellings of concepts, character names, places, use of numbers, capitalization, etc., which I pass on to you once the job is complete. A style sheet is a great way to ensure consistency as the manuscript passes to different readers. I perform all copyedits in Microsoft Word’s Track Changes function.

Proofreading: This phase happens once the manuscript has already been copyedited and is in the layout phase of the publishing process. A proofreader should only be looking for typos and mistakes, as everything else will have been taken care of in editing. I won’t proofread your manuscript if I was also its copyeditor. You need a fresh set of eyes! Otherwise, I charge $3.50/page for proofreading.

Picture book editing (average picture book word count = 1000 words): The picture book is such a unique and beautiful art form. I think of picture books as visual poems. Even when the “poem” is not written in lines or forms, there’s an artfulness that must be honored. As a picture book editor, I think about story + language in every book. I do no believe in the traditional 32-page count as a hard-and-fast rule. Generally, I think most “rules” for picture books can be broken, if they’re broken well.

Manuscript evaluation alone: $150

Evaluation and line edits: $250 

*I use the Editorial Freelancers Association suggested rate sheet as the basis of formulating my rates.